Here is the list of the episodes in the anime series


1. Replacement

The episodes introduces all the major characters and the world. In the episode Robin arrives to STN-J as a replacement for another hunter. It is revealed to Amon by Zaizen that the new replacement is a craft user. Robin arrives to the entrance of STN-J, where she learns that Amon is no longer in the building. No one knows who she is, so to wait for Amon, Robin visits the local café. She bumps into Amon while leaving the café, but neighter know each other. Later the Haruto and Amon are sent to deal with a witch in a warehouse, but are having hard time dealing with him. Robin arrives to the warehouse while Zaizen and Dojima observe Robin work. Robin takes down the witch with her craft while Karasuma shoots the witch, knocking him out. Robin is suprised to learn, that instead of killing the witches, the STN-J sends them to a place called Factory.

2. Addicted to Power

The second episode begins

3. Dancing in the Darkness

4. Stubborn Aesthetics

5. Smells like the Wandering Spirit
6. Raindrops
7. Simple-Mind
8. Faith
9. Sign of the Craft
10. Separate Lives

11. The Soul Cage
12. Precious Illusions
13. The Eyes of Truth
14. Loaded Guns

15. Time to Say Goodbye
16. Heal the Pain
17. Dilemma
18. In the Pocket

19. Missing
20. All I Really Oughta Know
21. No Way Out
22. Family Potrait
23. Sympathy for the Devil
24. Rent
25. Redemption Day
26. Time to Tell