Katayama Haruto

Haruo's driving licence

Haruo Katayama was a victim of Kurata Kazuma's craft to maintain his youth. Haruo was a seed, a descendant of a witch. While he himself was not aware of his powers yet. Or might not ever be aware of them. Haruo was running away from Kurata, who sent a large swarm of bugs at Haruo. Knocking the poor man down and sucking the life force out of him. Only a dried up corpse was left behind for the STN-J to find out. Karasuma gained Haruo's driver's lisence from the first cop who had found Haruo's corpse. The hunters were confused of this, wondering if this was even the corpse's license. Later the tests from Factory confirmed that it was the same person. And also of his status as a Seed.