Kazuya Misawa
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"You're all my witnesses. I didn't do a thing, right?"

Kazuya Misawa is a Witch that appeared in Addicted to Power. He owns an important retail company with Yukihira Watanabe, whom he killed with his craft. About to get married to a client's daughter, when the STN-J caught him. He has been in the past been investigated on for assaults and for destruction of property on several occasions. But there was never enough evidence to arrest him for those.


Misawa has shoulder length, straight light brown hair and brown eyes. His unique shaped eyebrows make him look a little bit like an owl. He also wears purle/blueish eyeglasses.


Being interviewed about his business partner's murder. The reporter asks how Misawa is feeling about being arrested over the murder. Misawa being angry for the foolish work of the police, accusing him for something that he didn't do.

Much later, on the day of his wedding, Misawa is waiting for his fiance to try out her wedding dress. When he is approached by Dojima, who asks him to come and wait in the chapel. Dojima shows Misawa the way into the chapel, where there are the hunters of STN-J waiting. With Robin playing the organ. Dojima suggests Misawa to walk to the altar, while she leaves, shutting the door behind her. As Misawa is walking towards the alter, the detective shows up with a cameraman. Misawa is not pleased to see him here, telling to the detective to leave him alone. Threatening to sue him. The detective wants to know how Misawa killed his business partner, the cameraman filming, so Misawa can't talk his way out of this later.

The STN-J members get worried about the camera, while Amon tells them to wait. The detective grabs Misawa's collar, demanding to know how Misawa killed Yukihiro. The detective keeps on threatening Misawa, until the detective falls on the ground. Misawa proudly exclaiming that he did nothing, like he said before. When Misawa notices that the receptionist from before has knocked out the cameraman. The situation starts to draw on Misawa, asking from the STN-J who they are. Misawa backs away, when Robin lights the seat next to him on fire. Misawa starts using his craft more now as self defense, as the STN-J members shoot orbo bullets at him. Finally on the ground, Misawa tries to use his craft on Amon, whose Orbo necklace neutralizes the craft. Now laying on the ground, defenseless, he is captured and taken to Factory.


He can twist and break objects. When he uses it on humans, he can twist their organs off, killing them from massive internal bleeding.