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Kent Nishiyama
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First Appeared

Episode 1












Kent is the first witch caught in the episode Replacement. He is a partner of Higashi Yuji, a witch also caught in the same episode. Kent is caught when the STN-J members start tailing after him and in the end he is shot Orbo bullets by Amon.


A tall, muscular man with a brown beard. He wears a beige hat on his head and has a one golden earring on his left earlobe. He wears a long sleeved dark grey turtleneck.


It is believed that Kent first found his powers 10 months before the events in the anime when he met another witch called Yuji. The two became partners after that meeting and Kent proclaimed that Yuji was the one who 'gave' him the powers.



Kent walks in a town, but soon noticed that he is being followed and makes a run for it. He confronts Haruto in a back ally and tries to take out Haruto with his craft. Sending things flying, but Haruto still manages to aim and shoot at Kent, but misses. Kent runs again, but this time Haruto loses him. Kent sits down while leaning against a wall on a rooftop, while wondering if the people chasing him are cops. When out of nowhere Amon lands before Kent. Just like before, Kent tries to use his craft, but Amon's Orbo neutralizes the power. Kent asks from Amon if they are possibly the 'Hunters'. Amon shoots at Kent, but answers 'possibly'. Kent is captured and taken to Factory while the team start to hunt his partner.


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