Michael Lee


Hiro Yuuki (Jap)
Dave Wittenberg (Eng)

First Appeared

Episode 1






Technical support expert





Michael is the only member of STN-J who doesn't actually go on hunts. He works on computers, hacking into other computers and files to gain the information for the team. He is also the one responsible for keeping others away from STN-J's database, which contains lots of info about witches. He is voice by Hiro Yūki in Japanese and Dave Wittenberg in English.


Michael has short brown hair and dark eyes. He wears sunglasses and a necklace. Since he doesn't go on hunts, he doesn't wear the brown coat like the rest of the members do.


Michael used to be a hacker, who hacked into very guarded and shielded computers, like banks. But he never messed with anything. He would only leave a trace that he had been there. When one day he managed to hack into STN-J's computers, seeing all the information about witches, he at first didn't even believe to be true. But he couldn't exit from the computers, not even with logging out. Later hunters from the STN-J showed up knocking on his door. If it hadn't been for the STN-J's boss, Zaizen, Michael would have probably been killed. Now he works for STN-J in exchange for his life, unable to leave from the building without the boss' permission.


Michael is an expert computer user and is able to hack guarded computers. Thus, he is valuable to the STN-J group giving them intelligence about witches' information and records. He also guides the other members via GPS or hacked security systems whenever they are in battle.

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