The first episode of the anime series, where all the major characters are introduced.


The episode starts and Amon, Haruto and Karasuma are on a witch hunt. Tailing their target while Michael is giving them back up via radio. Haruto confronts the witch, Kent Nishiyama while he goes to a back ally, the witch is waiting for Haruto there and uses his craft. Haruto fires, but misses and the witch escapes. The witch escapes and Haruto loses the sight of him. A moment later Amon confronts the witch on a roof. As a selfdefence the confunsed witch tries to use his craft again, but Amon's Orbo blocks the effect. The witch realises that they must be the "Hunters". Amon shoots the witch, knocking him out.

A car stops before the STN-J building and Robin steps out from it, walking over to the front gate. While Kosaka scolds Haruto for wasting valuable Orbo bullets on last night's case. Zaizen walks into the room and Kosaka goes over to him to report of how he has handeled the damage. Zaizen calls everyone to the meeting room to discuss about last night's witch, who turns out to have a partner witch. While in the meeting, a phone rangs and Hattori answers it. Telling to the doorman, that Amon is in a meeting at the moment. The meeting ends into a conclusion for them to hunt down Yuji and Zaizen asks Amon to come into his office.

While Robin waits at the gate to see Amon, Dojima shows up to work. Wondering who Robin is, the doorman tells that Robin is here to see Amon. The doorman lets Dojima in, while telling that the chief will be mad. Inside Amon is in Zaizen's office. Zaizen tells to Amon, that Solomon has sent them a replacement. Amon is suprised that they have done it so quickly. Zaizen needs more time for Orbo's research and doesn't want the HQ to know about it before the researce is complete. And asks for Amon's help for this. Zaizen gets a call and before Amon leaves, he tells that the new replacement is a Craft User.

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