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Episode 4








Air Sickles




In Factory



"I'm dirty... I'm dirty..."

Sayoko loves the beautiful world god brought her into, and for that she wants to preserve it into her paintings. Sayoko also cannot forgive anyone, who stains her beautiful with dirt. Whether it was humans or animals. They will all feel her craft. Interestingly her family tree was not known by the file in Factory. So no one knew that was a descendant of a witch. Surprising the STN-J. She was later arrested as Yotsuda pond park serial killer.


She is seen wearing only one outfit, a beige jacket with white gloves and boots. She has long black hair and brown eyes.


Sayoko is approached by Robin, who just came from church. Robin having finally gathered her courage and went to talk to Sayoko. Who she has observed painting often in the park. Robin comments Sayoko's painting, while Sayoko asks if Robin believes in god. Robin states that her praying is more out of habit than faith, while Sayoko believes in god. Being thankful to Him for having brought her into this beautiful world, which she wants to preserve in her paintings. Finally introducing herself to Robin, before Robin has to go.

While walking in the park, Sayoko stops before a murder of crows, which are eating the garbage.

Later on Robin notices Sayoko back at painting in the park, but leaves her there. After inspecting the crime scene, Robin returns back to Sayoko, only to find a larger murder of crows on the trees above Sayoko. Who is about to use her craft on the crows. Robin pushes Sayoko onto the ground, saving the crows, while getting Sayoko dirty. Sayoko becomes very upset over being filthy, staring at her hand and just chanting "I'm dirty.." over and over again. Robin has to hide behind a tree, when Sayoko's wrath explodes on her. Leaving huge marks on the tree before Robin. When Karasuma comes back to search and warn Robin about Sayoko. Robin yells Karasuma to hide as she uses her craft and accidentally lights up Sayoko's painting. This upsetting the girl further, who begins to walk towards Robin while trying to hurt her. Robin puts on her glasses and lights up Sayoko's gloves. Amon and Haruto shoot Orbo bullets at Sayoko, knocking her out.

Later she is collected by the Factory, being sent to there.


Sayoko's craft is something that cannot be neutralized by Orbo, as she creates air sickles, which cuts anything that it hits. Sayoko only uses her craft when she counters a person who has stained her beautiful world. No matter whether it is an animal or a human being.