I'd like to say a few words about those who comment to pages. I don't mind it, but you have to learn manners! Also if there is something wrong, at the top of the page is an "Edit" button. Something that anyone can press. So instead of screaming about it, press the button and change what you see wrong. So far I have been the only one editing this after the created. And I have a life and other things to do sometimes, so I cannot spend my life updating this wiki. I do it when I have time, but if comments like that appear, I lose to interest in editing and adding information. Who would want to even, when no one is there to apreciate it.

There was only one comment, that said "please". That is the only reason I have edited this wiki again. Thanks to that person.

So next time instead of posting whines and negative things, EDIT! Learn to take action and change.